31 March 2024

DigiStream Announces Kasey Bravo as Partner

Congratulations, Kasey!


Kasey was hired at DigiStream’s Buffalo affiliate in July 2017 as one of the first All-Source Analysts for the Brand. In this role, she mentored Buffalo's first Research Analyst and all subsequent analysts. She also cross-trained in surveillance and eagerly participated in fieldwork opportunities.

In April 2019, Kasey was promoted to Desktop Operations Coordinator, later advancing to Desktop Operations Manager. Working closely with Mike Shields, who handled the Investigative Advisor duties, Kasey learned surveillance strategies, office operations, and how all departments collaborate seamlessly.

In late 2021, Kasey became Investigative Advisor, fully assuming the role from Mike in July 2022 while still overseeing Buffalo's Desktop Department. In recent years, she has gained invaluable experience in maintaining a successful affiliate, understanding the business, and recognizing the importance of hands-on surveillance work. In March of 2024, Kasey was officially announced as Partner.

“Kasey is one on the most well-rounded ‘Streamers I have come across in my near 11 years at DigiStream – and she has earned that status starting from the ground up.”

-Mike Shields, Partner




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