Advanced Investigations

DigiStream’s® advanced investigations division – UpStream Intelligence – provides intelligence and counter-intelligence services for the most complex and highly sensitive matters.

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Digistream | Device Forensics


UpStream’s most common forensic use cases include analyzing cell phones to determine the movements of an individual or recovering critical data related to litigation. Learn more.

Digistream | Imagery Enhancement


UpStream employs the same forensic tools utilized by law enforcement and governments worldwide. Our scientific-based enhancements produce validated and repeatable results ready for court admission. Whether the issue at hand is blurry video, sunlight exposure, or lens distortion, our analysts are prepared to retrieve whatever evidence may be obscured within the source material. Learn more.

Blurry image of the back of a blue truck.

Sharp focused image of the back of a blue truck.

Digistream | International Surveillance and Intelligence


UpStream’s extensive network of surveillance operatives provides boots-on-the-ground coverage across North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia, and East Asia. They are available for both traditional surveillance as well as Hague Convention compliant process service. Read Case Study.

Digistream | Business Pro


When information on a company is needed, especially one with an opaque structure, the right combination of methodologies and technologies must be brought to bear in the investigation. Corporate structure, equity and debt arrangements, IT infrastructure, public perception, key personnel, supply chains, and office locations are all examined using traditional and non-traditional intelligence-gathering techniques.

Digistream | Anonymity Services


DataShroud® is a unique, customized service created to help mitigate the risks of an online presence. We remove, shield, or redirect our clients’ information to provide the optimum in personal data protection. Our comprehensive privacy services offer solutions for at-risk individuals seeking to protect themselves from home invasion, stalking, hacking, and more.

Digistream | Geospatial Services


Satellite imagery and targeted geolocation data give UpStream the ability to create a historical view of a place or a person’s activity. By leveraging commercially available satellite data across numerous platforms, the transformations of a property, structure, or landmark are revealed. Similarly, the ability to assemble geolocation data can provide a view into the past activities of a subject, centered around answering a question important to litigation.

Digistream | Jury Pro


Comprehensive background checks and targeted online searches allow courtroom professionals to make informed decisions during voir dire, trial, and post-judgment relief. Our real-time common communications platform is customized to reflect the issues important to each case and provides actionable intelligence in both state and federal courts.

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