8 October 2022

DigiStream is Committed to Gender Equality and Equity... Meet the Ladies Leadership Network!


DigiStream’s Ladies Leadership Network was established in 2020 with the goal of creating a space for female-identifying individuals to feel encouraged, supported, and celebrated in their careers. After General Manager Megan Brill and Brand Manager Mary Kate Farnan recognized a need for more representation in leadership roles, they proposed that DigiStream create an internal resource group dedicated to the advocacy and advancement of female-identifying individuals across the Brand.

The Ladies Leadership Network is managed by founders Megan Brill and Mary Kate Farnan alongside a rotating Board of five talented and enthusiastic leaders from all around the Brand. Their group promotes diversity in ALL forms and aims to foster a community of ‘Streamers that are open to learning and discussing subjects related to gender equality and intersectional feminism. The Ladies Leadership Network Board members are passionate about honoring and supporting women through education, opportunity, and advocacy. Some of their goals include the following:

· Implement a Ladies Leadership Network "Circles" program

· Double the number of women in upper management positions

· Add a minimum of 3 female partners by 2025

· Develop a diverse network of female/non-binary subject matter experts throughout the Brand

The Ladies Leadership Network meets on the second Thursday of each month and call topics range from intersectional feminism, uncovering biases, and negotiation tips to continuing education resources, historical spotlights, and interviews with guest speakers from outside the Brand. Since its conception in 2020, the Ladies Leadership Network has gained over 90 members and has an average of 40 ‘Streamers joining the call each month.

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