1 January 2024

DigiStream’s 2023 ESG Report is here!


2023 ESG Report At-A-Glance:

DigiStream is committed to managing our impact through planning actions to achieve environmental objectives, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, and addressing our governance framework.


  • $25,010 donated to DigiStream’s Compassion Fund through Help Hope Live as of December of 2023, aiding our employees’ uninsured medical expenses.
  • 110 committed members of the Ladies Leadership Network.
  • 86 committed members of DigiStream’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Group.


  • 352 hours of volunteering at various charities and organizations were provided across the nation by our team.
  • $71,441 funds were put right back into our communities by providing donations to various charities and organizations both local and national from the DigiStream Brand. 
  • DigiStream provided donations as well as services specifically to Kids’ Chance, The Innocence Project, and Guardian Group Project 1591 nationwide.


  • 10 hours were volunteered to cleaning up the environment around local offices as part of the Environmental Awareness Month in September 2023.
  • 10.5 hours were volunteered at local community gardens around the U.S. in honor of Environmental Awareness Month.
  • 36% of DigiStream offices participated in making environmental changes at their offices in 2023. We are continuing to encourage all offices to participate throughout the year, every year.

For additional details, view our Official ESG Report for 2023.

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