25 January 2020

The Official Launch Of Surveillance PLUS Is Here

Digistream® announces the release of its Surveillance PLUS service.


Recently we have had requests for a premium surveillance solution for high-exposure or highly complex cases. You wanted a fusion of high-end surveillance tradecraft with the technological innovations you enjoy in our Intelligence Division services. We have responded with Surveillance PLUS! Surveillance PLUS delivers:

  • A dedicated team of Surveillance Unit Leaders, trained in advanced tactics and technology
  • Real-time remote cameras, allowing us to monitor complex setups with a single investigator, reducing the need for more expensive two-crew operations
  • A nuanced investigative report featuring link analysis of the subject and the significance of all locations visited and persons met with during the surveillance
  • A dedicated All-Source Analyst available for real-time investigations in the field.

Surveillance PLUS is designed for cases in the top 20% of financial exposure or complexity. If you would like to pilot this service, please give us a call.

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