30 March 2024

DigiStream Welcomes Nick Cereby As General Manager Of The Arizona Affiliate

Congratulations, Nick!


Nick began his journey with DigiStream as a Field Investigator in the Mid-Atlantic office in 2019. He quickly saw the immense potential for growth in the Brand, and after about a year working in the van, Nick seized the opportunity to become Surveillance Specialist for the VMS office in Sacramento, California.

During his two-year tenure, he acquired deep knowledge of investigations, studied advanced surveillance tactics, was introduced to the world of OSINT, and even gained experience in coordinating international surveillance operations during the early days of UpStream Intelligence.

In June 2022, Nick relocated once again to become the Investigative Consultant for DigiStream Arizona. Under his leadership, the office has nearly doubled in size and has consistently maintained one of the lowest turnover rates in the company.

Nick's goal is to continue growing DigiStream Arizona and establish it as a powerhouse that provides ‘Streamers with limitless opportunities. With his innate ability to lead and nurture growth, the future of DigiStream Arizona is bright under Nick's guidance.

Nick would like to thank his team for their continued commitment and dedication to DigiStream's mission. Together, they will continue to build on their successes and enhance the company's value proposition.

DigiStream congratulates Nick on his new role and thanks him for his efforts in driving growth and development in the Arizona affiliate

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