DigiStream® offers investigative solutions both online and in the field.

Digistream | Surveillance Digistream | Surveillance


Assignments utilizing DigiStream’s® skilled field investigators and state of the art technology

Digistream | Social Pro Digistream | Social Pro


An in-depth view into a subject’s social media and background

Digistream | GeoSocial Digistream | GeoSocial


Location-based social media investigations

Digistream | Advanced Investigations Digistream | Advanced Investigations


Litigation support and counter-intelligence

Digistream | Ancillary Services Digistream | Ancillary Services


Field Investigations ranging from recorded statements to alive and well checks

DigiStream® offers investigative solutions both online and in the field.

Surveillance Series

Choosing the right investigative partner can be a challenging task. As a firm founded exclusively on surveillance investigations, DigiStream® has dedicated painstaking time and resources to the perfection of the trade. While the art of gathering intelligence via manned surveillance has not changed much in the last decade, the science has. DigiStream’s® understanding of the interplay between surveillance methodology and science has allowed us to continuously provide outstanding investigative results and customer service.

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SocialPro® Series

In today's world, many people value upholding their personal brand over protecting their privacy. Through the development and implementation of our industry leading Intelligence division, DigiStream® has created a new standard of OSINT investigations. Large investments in social media investigations, top background databases and custom-coded solutions have led to a highly-effective methodology in not only locating content, but also ensuring it is preserved and authenticated in accordance with the most rigorous evidentiary standards.

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GeoSocial Series®

Gaining insight into how and why accidents occur is difficult. Many eyewitness accounts are never collected because they often do not wait at the scene to provide information to authorities. In addition, the physical condition tends to change by the time the file is litigated, making understanding incidents or defending claims cumbersome. By harvesting geosocial data, DigiStream® can reconstruct accident scenes based on social media posts, as well as locate previously unknown witnesses. GeoSocial Series reports can be utilized in a number of ways, including understanding how a location has evolved over a period of time, as well as deconstructing highly complex incidents and large media events.

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Ancillary Services

Digistream | Field Investigations

Field Investigations

In addition to being a trusted resource for courtroom ready services like surveillance and online investigations, DigiStream® offers an array of field investigations that can help our clients make informed decisions on complex claims.

Digistream | Sweeps


DigiStream’s® sweeps are designed to uncover critical information about a subject’s medical history, routines, hobbies and general activity level by targeting certain facilities within a geographic location.

Advanced Investigations

DigiStream’s® advanced investigations division – UpStream Intelligence – provides actionable intelligence for litigation support as well as counterintelligence for privacy protection. Comprehensive background checks and targeted online searches are used to identify risk factors for both potential jurors and privacy-oriented individuals/companies.

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